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Class Information

 MG 9032

We offer the following classes:

POUND®- Rockout. Workout

The world's first cardio jam session, inspired by the energizing, infectious, sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums!  POUND® is a unique exercise method using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® was designed to transform drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities.

+ Burn up to 900+ calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!
+ Drastically improve your rhythm, timing, coordination, speed, agility, endurance, and musicality.
+ Numerous studies have proven the powerful brain boosting, stress-relieving effects of drumming. The rhythm of drumming permeates the entire brain to improve focus, increase higher-level thinking and decision-making skills, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

We look forward to rockin' out with you!

*Ripstix® provided by Wrench Fitness.
*Must provide your own mat


Powerlifting Club

Each week there will be a workout/WOD that will work on increasing your power and strength. We focus on the big three - squat, bench, deadlift.  We train at CrossFit 3126 so we have lots of room.

Basic Yoga

Focus on the process of the mind, as well as the body.  Dedicated to stretching, posture and alignment. as well as breathwork  A great stress reliever and excellent way to relieve stiff muscles as well tone the body. Suitable for everyone!


A boot-camp style high intensity work-out. Intervals of 20seconds of work and 10seconds rest for each circuit will be sure to get your sweat on! Consists primarily of body-weight exercises and some light weights.
Duration: 30 minutes

Spin Class

Information Coming Soon

Kettle Bell

From the elite athlete looking for an edge, to the sedentary person looking to discover fitness for the first time, and everyone in between, everyone can benefit from kettlebell training. Kettlebells can help you lose weight, build and tone muscles, enhance stamina and endurance, improve mobility and improve your overall quality of life, quickly and efficiently. Kettlebells combine cardio & strength training in one effective workout. It's easy to learn and the workouts are lots of fun!!

Vinyasa Flow

Breath-synchronized movement -- incorporates simultaneous movement and breathing. This class focuses on smooth transition between movements and breaths. As with other styles of yoga, vinyasa yoga has a diverse set of asanas, but emphasis is on moving from position to position while either inhaling or exhaling. The student is introduced to basic poses, elements of Sun Salutations and simple breath work. Classes may include a meditation element. All classes include a deep relaxation (savasana) at the end of class.

Yin Yoga

This class is a meditative, reflective practice that requires receptivity with little pushing or strain. Yin Yoga applies long, passive holds (no standing poses) to deeply penetrate the body's bones and connective tissue. It raises one’s vitality, increases flexibility and mental energy, and is calming for the mind and spirit. The Yin style of practice targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, lower belly and spine. The essence of Yin is yielding - learning how to let go of struggle and how to allow things to unfold naturally.




Everyone is Talking!

"It’s a very positive atmosphere to train in. The staff is great and the members are fun to interact with. It’s never hard to use the equipment that you want to use here as there is lots to choose from and lots of space. Having a gym in town makes it easier to commit to your goals and achieve what you want."
-Mitch Neufeld
Member Since December 2009