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Lisa Hildebrandt


Lisa has developed a strong passion for fitness at a young age, and truthfully it has always been a constant in her life. Lisa has played any sport available to her throughout her school years and received a black belt in Tae Kwon Do before she was 19. With such a strong passion for fitness Lisa decided to get certified to do personal training and fitness classes through CanFitPro and is very excited to start perusing her new career at Wrench Fitness.



Everyone is Talking!

"Wrench Fitness is one of the cleanest and friendliest gyms around.  If you’re driving to the city to get a workout, your wasting your time and money.  Check out Wrench Fitness, this gym has it all from tons of cardio equipment to machines, and free weights.  I’ve worked out at a lot of gyms in the past and this is seriously one of the best.  Reg is very knowledgeable in the fitness world and will help you reach your goals.  Check it out."
-Bill Rowley
Member Since April 2, 2010