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Russ B.

russ-300I'm in the locker room after finishing my last 20 min stair session before the show and I've got 11 minutes till I can eat a banana. Thought its a good chance to reflect in the last 16 weeks.

Where to start? Originally I thought I'd fashion this after "the biggest loser" and say that Jillian and the others could step aside because Rejean has arrived.
The reality of this journey is that Rejean and his wife Carly at Wrench Fitness don't take a backseat to any training show or facility. They simply are awesome!

There's more to a journey like this than your gym or your trainer:
-You have to want change, you have to be willing to put aside everything you think you know about eating. The look you want in the mirror is DIRECTLY connected to what goes into your mouth. No exceptions!
It took me a while to get onto this but it does become automatic as you submit to Reg's meal plan and believe it.
-As far as the contest prep goes its all the same Reg knows best, just listen and follow. My results were astounding as I'm sure anyone reading this has already seen. 240lbs to 155. But the mirror is where it counts not the scale.

Thanks Reg I owe you so much! Can't even express how good I feel !!!

-Russ B.



Everyone is Talking!

"It's a very comfortable place for beginners. Reg and his staff can show you how to use all the machines and they are very patient with you.  We have been coming here since Wrench Fitness opened and we think it's great."
-Don & Denise Anderson
Members Since September 14th 2009

Don & Denise Anderson -  Member #27 & 28,