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Kate S.










I wanted to share my story with my Wrench family because it has been a life changing one. I started training with Reg in June, and started right from the very beginning. I didn't even know how to do a proper squat. My goal was to learn how to work out properly, tighten, tone and re-energize my body post baby. I also wanted to learn the tools to maintain a stronger, healthier physique to prepare for baby number two.

I was motivated by a friend who competed in a WBFF comp less than a year post baby and another friend who had just received her pro-card with the NPAA. They both had such great stories to tell and looked so amazing. I sought out a trainer in SK that would help me make a healthier change. I was referred to Reg and Carly by my friend who had competed with Carly at a NPAA show. She had nothing but positive things to say so I made the trek to Martinsville (35 mins from my home) to start my fitness journey.

What a journey it has been! The one thing I remember from our first meeting was Reg asking me if I was hoping to loose weight. I was 117lbs at the time and wasn't totally happy at that weight and but knew I didn't have a ton too loose. He told me that I will be gaining muscle tone and not to pay attention to the scale as it may go up, and that is a good thing. Right there I knew I was in the right place. I then did not touch a scale for the next 5 months! I am now a lean, mean, Mommy with muscles and have never been happier with how I feel and how I look. I worked out 3-4 times a week, and hour to an hour and a half each time. At my pace and schedule. As a busy Mom, Reg worked with the equipment that I had a home and made up a specific circuit for it. I was able to workout half at home and half at the gym. I looked forward to getting together Sundays for stage prep and weekly bonding with my team mates.

contest-kate-s-2I love food so getting to eat 6 times a day was awesome. It was even, at times, hard to eat the amount of food Reg wanted me to. I can say I now drink at least 3 litres of water a day and when I don't my body reminds me I need to. I cook very differently now and my fridge and pantry have been transformed from processed foods and pasta to fresh produce and natural whole grains.

I went into our show in Calgary Nov 9th with the no real goals. I felt totally satisfied at about week 12 of contest prep and everything on top was gravy! I felt so prepared and relaxed I had a blast! Carly and Reg took care of all the little details so I could fully enjoy the experience and my little time in the spotlight! I placed 3rd out of 15 girls in the novice bikini division and could not be happier. I am now looking forward to the next phase of my journey. I can confidently say I have made a lifestyle change to a healthier me. I would recommend this experience to anyone, even if competing isn't your end goal. I have never felt stronger, happier and healthier!

-Kate S.



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"The gym just keeps getting better, there’s always new equipment coming in, the people that work here, and the people that work out here are all great. It’s very motivating here, a great place to train!"
-Joey Poth
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