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Cory H.

 contest-prep-cory-h-1I met Rej shortly after Wrench Fitness opened. Over the years Rej and I became friends and lifting partners on and off. I have seen how much work and effort he has put into his passion of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

I have always been an active person, growing up it was training for hockey and then after that it was just staying in shape. During the last couple years my training was pretty inconsistent, so after getting engaged last summer and planning a destination wedding for February 2014 I decided I wanted to be in good shape for the wedding so I went to Rej for help. Shortly after that my wife (fiancé at the time) told me that she wanted to do a fitness competition in May and she wanted to do it also. I was hesitant at first. I have watched Rej and Carly train and prep for their own shows as well as train other people for shows over the last few years, so I knew that it takes a lot of dedication. Also in between then and May we had 2 holidays planned, one which was our wedding week. But after convincing from the both of them I decided that I would give it a try and do the competition. I told my wife and myself that day that if I do this, I am going to do it 100%. No excuses, work my butt off and not leave anything out there. At the end of the prep I want to say that I did everything I possibly could to prepare and then whatever happens, happens. My personal expectations were blown away and I’m in the best shape of my life.


Working with Rej and Carly is great, they are amazing people that have a passion for what they do and they live it every day. They honestly practice what they preach, and it shows with their success as well as the success of other Wrench Crew members that have competed.
They also tailor your plan to what you want/need. If you can’t do a specific exercise or are allergic/don’t like eating a particular food they will work with you to make sure your plan works for you to meet your goal.

A big thing that people don’t think of in this process is posing practice. It takes many hours of practice and critiquing to get it correct. Again Rej and Carly’s experience in this is awesome. They help you feel comfortable and work with you to highlight your strengths and really show off your stuff, and be able to repeat it over and over, so on show day you are comfortable on stage.

The most important part of my decision and should be for everyone is, what negative impact will this have on my body.  You hear how people prepare for shows and they can’t eat, or can’t drink water 3 days before the show, or have to do an hour and a half of cardio a day. Their body becomes damaged and there could be major long term effects from it. With Rej and Carly your health comes first, no matter what, no questions asked. They have a healthy approach and it is still just as effective as alternative approaches without the negative consequences.

The last tip I can give to anyone is to buy in and trust the process and give it an honest 100% percent effort. You will not be disappointed and the results will show. If you have any questions as to why they want you to do something a certain way, they will explain it for you. They do have a method and the results show in my transformation and many others.

-Cory H.



Everyone is Talking!

"I joined Wrench Fitness to complete my weight loss journey.  Reg helped me to achieve the toning and strength I wanted.  Having never been to a gym like Wrench before, I was unsure and a little intimidated.  This was unfounded.  I was welcomed and every question I had was answered professionally and usually with a “let me show you”.  Thanks to Reg, Carly & all the staff for all that you do!"
-Ladine Kreshewski
Member Since May 2009