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Michael B.

contest-prep-michael-b-1Nearly 15 years ago I made a conscious decision to improve my physical condition. I started with a narrow focus at-home work out regimen and self generated diet that definitely lacked discipline. A few short years later I purchased my first gym membership and have been committed to weightlifting as my mainstay exercise ever since.  However, my training routine still lacked full range muscle development direction. That changed when I met good friend and workout mentor Rejean Lepage.  Rejean quickly earned my admiration and respect for his devotion and commitment to the art of bodybuilding. His determination improved my personal training program and ultimately inspired me to enter an amateur competition. Wrench Fitness with owners Rejean & Carly Lepage have encouraged me to be the best I can be on stage by providing a diverse training program, a healthy meal plan and professional posing technique. Over time small accomplishments flourish into big successes. Approaching this competition I sincerely believe I have already won regardless of how I place. The Wrench Crew contest prep experience has transformed me into the healthiest being I have ever been (mind, body and soul) I feel an incredible sense of achievement and motivated to continue a healthy existence. For that I am grateful. Thanks coach & thanks Wrench Fitness.

-Michael B.





Everyone is Talking!

"Wrench Fitness is a top notch gym, and it’s only a few blocks from home. There is something about Wrench that I find extremely motivating. The more I go, the more often I want to go! Perhaps it’s because Reg and the staff are so helpful, friendly, and encourage by example. Or maybe it is the fact that the gym is well equipped and well maintained. Whatever the case, it has kept me coming back and played an integral part in helping me achieve my physical goals. Down 30lbs and counting!"
-Corwin Head
Member Since June 2010