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Baylee G.


Where do I begin?

I think if I remember correctly, my journey first started with a mental struggle when someone said to me “what do you do?” Not meaning what do you do for a job, but what do you do for fun, as a hobby, what are you passionate about… essentially, what do you do with your life? As I struggled to come up with answers, I came up with reasons why I DON’T do certain things, bringing me to the realization that I do nothing and wasn’t passionate about anything.

I felt like a lost soul, searching for something to be passionate about. Being someone who used to be involved competitively in every dance discipline, along with basketball, volleyball, track and field, soccer, swimming, etc.to being involved in nothing, started to affect me emotionally, mentally, and physically. This needed to end. I didn’t stop doing those activities because I didn’t like them, I just couldn’t see a future with them. I still love all of those activities, but what I love more is heavy competition.



I decided to join Wrench Fitness in 2013. This wasn’t my first rodeo with a gym, but the gym to me was, treadmill, stairclimber, abs, a class here or there, and that about summed it up. When I first started at Wrench Fitness, that’s exactly what I continued to do. Since moving to the city in 2004, my diet, weight and attendance at the gym had been a yo-yo. I was tired of not seeing results, but did nothing different to change. I also did not know how to change. I have been intrigued with the whole fitness competition world for quite some time, but then I started to think about it a little more then usual; I even started to do some research, which included the Wrench Fitness website! I had always thought all those people were super humans and that it was not possible for “normal” people like me. The more I looked into and thought about competing, the more I felt the need for a challenge in my life, I decided it was time to GO FOR IT!

I consulted with Reg and Carly at Wrench Fitness and they saw the potential. I started off with 10 personal training sessions with Reg, because I was completely CLUELESS about weight training. These sessions helped me learn proper technique and build the confidence I needed to feel comfortable in the gym. After those 10 sessions, I was well on my way to achieving success in the gym. If you have been unhappy with your fitness results, or feel uncomfortable with weight training, I STRONGLY suggest you STOP what you are doing and head to WRENCH FITNESS and sign up for some personal training sessions to get you started! Having these sessions and a plan will be your first stepping-stone in your fitness journey. Having a fitness/nutrition plan with one of the trainers at WRENCH FITNESS will help you hold yourself accountable and increase your motivation to hit the gym! NO EXCUSES! Reg and Carly, along with their crew of trainers, create plans that create results with your health being the #1 concern.

Now, back to my fitness competition jouney. If this is something you are thinking about doing, I strongly recommend you to do your research, as I have heard MANY awful contest prep stories. I would not have done it any other way, then with Reg and Carly at Wrench Fitness. They care about their crew on a personal level, keep your health as a priority and make adjustments to your diet and exercise to suit your needs. Weekly posing practices will help you become comfortable performing in front of people, and will allow you to become an expert with your routine. Reg and Carly make sure you have all the tools you need, so that come competition day, all the work has been done and you can enjoy the day and have fun! They also do not leave you hanging after you finish your competition; they make sure to check-in with you after and come up with a plan, whether it is to continue with another competition, or to maintain the body you busted your butt off for! If you decide to do a fitness competition, Reg and Carly at Wrench Fitness are your people! Some advice I can give for those of you who decide to follow this path is… TRUST THE PROCESS! This is huge! You will have to be patient! You may feel like nothing is changing or maybe things are not changing as fast as you would like, but it’s just that, A PROCESS! If you give a fully committed 100%, you will have nothing to worry about; there is no halfway. I know all of this because I have been doing contest prep/training with Reg and Carly since the spring of 2013. I competed in my first competition (NPAA) in Calgary in November 2013, placing 5th. It was an incredible experience and I was thrilled with my results, but it fueled that passion and fire, and I was ready for more! I then competed in the SABBA Novice show in May 2014 placing 6th, SABBA Provincials in June 2014 placing 3rd, and WBFF Calgary in July 2014 placing 3rd. It had been a long haul of hard work, dedication, sweat and sacrifice, but it was an amazing journey! LOOK OUT 2015!

Not only is training with Wrench Fitness trainers a positive experience, but the Wrench Crew contest prep is as well. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way! If you are looking to kickstart your fitness goals, whether it is to get in the shape you know you deserve to be in, or to compete in a fitness competition, WRENCH FITNESS is definitely the place to get started!

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else… It’s about being better then you used to be.”

“I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.”

-Baylee G.



Everyone is Talking!

"My old gym has closed it’s door and I was very disappointed at the time.  But it turned out to be a blessing after I discovered Wrench.  There is a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and a wonderful variety of equipment to use.  I actually enjoy getting up early to work out again!"
-Sean Allen
Member Since March 2011