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Jeremy L.

contest-prep-jeremy-l-1Growing up I was always active. I have played hockey since I was 3 years old and participated in countless other sports and activities. After I finished my hockey career a few years after high school, I found myself lacking in the chance to be active. I quickly found out the impact that the gym would have on my life.

I found myself in the gym almost everyday, but lost motivation because of not seeing any results. I went on in this cycle for a few years until January of 2013, when I began to realize how my diet affects my results in the gym. I started to watch my food intake, but was lacking the experience to know exactly what my body needed to grow.

A year later I found myself looking for an opportunity to compete as a natural physique athlete. With this new goal in mind, I set out to find an individual that had the experience and expertise to guide me through the process in a healthy way. After talking with some friends, Rejean and Carly’s names kept coming up. Considering the competition I wanted to compete in was only 4 months away, I quickly made contact with Rejean. Within minutes of talking to him and reading an article Rejean wrote about how to prep for a contest in a healthy way, I knew he was the right coach to help me reach my goals.

Less than a week later, Rejean had a diet and workout plan that was tailored to my specific needs. Throughout the prep, whenever I had any questions or concerns about the exercises or diet plan, Rejean was always available and would respond within minutes. Even when I lacked the motivation to continue, talking with Rejean gave me the little boost of confidence I needed to keep pushing through the hard times. Rejean consistently enforced dieting the healthy way and letting the weight training make the changes, instead of crash dieting as I have heard other competitors doing, which could completely destroy your metabolism.

Without Rejean and Carly Lepage, I would still be the guy in the gym working out every day seeing little results. Rejean and Carly have taught me more in the past 4 months about how important healthy food intake is then I could have ever learned by myself. Lasting results takes time, if you devote yourself to the process the results will start to show in no time. Give 100% day after day, and you will impress yourself with the results.

-Jeremy L.



Everyone is Talking!

"The atmosphere is great!  Good music, the staff is very friendly and welcoming and they remember your name, which is really nice.   There is everything here that I need to work every major muscle group."
-John Goertzen
Member Since January 4th 2010