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Jeremy L.

contest-prep-jeremy-l-1Growing up I was always active. I have played hockey since I was 3 years old and participated in countless other sports and activities. After I finished my hockey career a few years after high school, I found myself lacking in the chance to be active. I quickly found out the impact that the gym would have on my life.

I found myself in the gym almost everyday, but lost motivation because of not seeing any results. I went on in this cycle for a few years until January of 2013, when I began to realize how my diet affects my results in the gym. I started to watch my food intake, but was lacking the experience to know exactly what my body needed to grow.

A year later I found myself looking for an opportunity to compete as a natural physique athlete. With this new goal in mind, I set out to find an individual that had the experience and expertise to guide me through the process in a healthy way. After talking with some friends, Rejean and Carly’s names kept coming up. Considering the competition I wanted to compete in was only 4 months away, I quickly made contact with Rejean. Within minutes of talking to him and reading an article Rejean wrote about how to prep for a contest in a healthy way, I knew he was the right coach to help me reach my goals.

Less than a week later, Rejean had a diet and workout plan that was tailored to my specific needs. Throughout the prep, whenever I had any questions or concerns about the exercises or diet plan, Rejean was always available and would respond within minutes. Even when I lacked the motivation to continue, talking with Rejean gave me the little boost of confidence I needed to keep pushing through the hard times. Rejean consistently enforced dieting the healthy way and letting the weight training make the changes, instead of crash dieting as I have heard other competitors doing, which could completely destroy your metabolism.

Without Rejean and Carly Lepage, I would still be the guy in the gym working out every day seeing little results. Rejean and Carly have taught me more in the past 4 months about how important healthy food intake is then I could have ever learned by myself. Lasting results takes time, if you devote yourself to the process the results will start to show in no time. Give 100% day after day, and you will impress yourself with the results.

-Jeremy L.



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"Wrench Fitness has given me the education and guidance to get into better shape.  It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself on the road of making my health and lifestyle better.  It’s a fun & friendly atmosphere.  Everyone should try Wrench Fitness if they have never been to a gym before.  Thanks Reg & Staff!!"
-Ramona Heisler
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