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Wrench Crew Contest Prep





Contest Prep with the Wrench Crew will include EVERYTHING you need to get ready to compete. We are with you from beginning to end so that any question you have is answered.

We've competed. We've been a part of numerous shows both on stage and behind the scenes. We understand the emotional, mental and physical rollercoaster that a contest prep entails. We aim to put the "personal" in your personal training. See the Wrench Fit Crew today to Build The Body You Want.

Contest Prep with the Wrench Crew progresses in the following nature:

  1. We sit down and discuss your competitive goals. We look at your current physique, the date of the contest, the things that will need to be improved or worked on. We discuss current training regime, current nutrition plan and begin to make a plan to make sure you put the best physique on stage as possible. Sometimes, depending on your physique and the date of the show, we suggest a different category, or a different show. We do this to make sure that you are on stage, when you ARE READY and fully confident with the physique that you have created.
  2. You will be getting meal plans tailored to your contest goal, and tailored to your physique as the contest approaches. What that means is that if you require a change, based on your physique, you will get one. We don't believe in making a change, just to make a change. Everything has to be done for a reason.
  3. Your training is based, again, on your contest goal. Be it bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, physique, fitness model. Each class has different criteria, and that criteria is different even based on different organizations. We work together, to make sure that
    you will compete in the right class for your physique.
  4. results-lorraine1Posing practice is done every week as we prepare. Generally if we have a group of people training for the same show, then we all practice on Sundays. We are able to accomodate different days and time if necessary based on your schedule. Posing practice sessions usually last for an hour, but as our team grows, the practice sessions might last longer. The more you can practice the better! TRUST ME, it pays off when you are on stage.
  5. We will work with you on stage presence (posing class) but you will also recieve our advice and feedback on DAY OF prep. Suit choice, color, hair, makeup, all come into play when doing a show. If we are able to make the show, and arrangments are made, we will apply your tans for you if you so choose. We aim to make sure that your contest experience is enjoyable and you have a stress free competition day.
  6. As part Wrench Crew you will get your own custom competition track suit to wear on the contest weekend to keep you from wrecking your clothes with your tan and to make sure everyone knows why you look so good!
  7. results-blake2Contest prep ranges from a minimum of 16 weeks to longer if your physique and contest goal so requires.
  8. Prices of contest prep range on choice of options and length of training. Please contact us for more information.







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