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Blake H.

results-blake2I started thinking about doing a bodybuilding competition after working out with Reg for approximately a year. Lifting heavy and eating to go along with it was never an issue for me and I have had success dieting in the past, but nothing to the extreme that I thought contest prep was going to be. I had visions of no carbs and 1000 calories a day with endless cardio for 6 months in order to get ready.

What I found was a sensible approach to diet, minimal cardio and an easy to follow plan with a lot of food options.  There were times I was hungry but the diet didn’t leave me feeling bored or deprived. Workouts were well structured to how deep into prep I was and what my calorie levels were like so they were doable and my biggest fear of having to spend hours doing mind numbing cardio were unfounded, Reg only had me doing 20 minutes of cardio 4 times a week. Every week I continued to lose fat and see progress, losing 20 pounds over the course of the 16 week prep.

To just say Reg’s methods are sound sells short the total package that you get with a Wrench Fitness program. You aren’t just getting diet and workouts but a team to support you along the way. Reg and Carly were supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable throughout. When they tell you you’re now part of the “Wrench Crew” you really do become a priority member of the team. Reg was extremely accommodating to my work and personal schedule for arranging posing practices, checking in with me to see how things were going and being both a friend, mentor and coach.

I would recommend Wrench Fitness to anyone who has the goal to get on stage and compete. They will work with you to make that goal happen and make sure you succeed.   

-Blake H.




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"Wrench Fitness is an excellent facility with staff dedicated to ensuring you reach your fitness potential. The staff is friendly and eager to answer any questions asked. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at, Reg and staff will be sure to push and encourage you to meet your fitness goals. “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”
-Dan Blum
Member Since Sept 2010