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Laura L.

results-wrenchlogo-0My journey to a healthy lifestyle began 8 years ago. At almost 200 lbs and very unhappy with myself, I  made the decision to change my lifestyle permanently.  I joined Weight Watchers with the support of my sister and the weight started coming off. Then, when the weight loss slowed down, I realized the need to incorporate exercise into my daily living. I started running. Skipping a few years (and over 50 lbs) ahead, I lost interest in running and was starting the downward slide back to “couch potato”. Although, I had only gained back a few pounds, I felt unhealthy and unhappy again. That is when I made the decision to walk through the doors to the new gym in town. Thankfully, I was met by Reg with his big smile and unconditional acceptance. I explained my history (probably more than he ever wanted or needed to know!) and we set up some personal training sessions to start immediately. For the next 9 months, Reg worked hard to build my confidence in what I was physically capable of achieving. Even through an injury (not incurred at the gym), he was always encouraging and knowledgeable on ways to strengthen without further injury. Then life got in the way and although I haven’t a rock solid excuse on why.... I took a few weeks off from my sessions. Those few weeks turned into 6 months! I was so embarrassed to return to the gym. Reg had dedicated himself to helping me achieve my fitness goals and I felt that I had slid back to where we started. When I walked through the gym doors after those 6 months, I was met with not only the big smile on Reg’s face, but also the big smile on Carly’s face as well. All my embarrassment of “falling off the wagon” was quickly replaced with excitement to be back. Both Reg and Carly were nothing but supportive and encouraging upon my return.  They both have dedicated themselves to helping everyday people achieve their health and fitness goals. I have realized that all I have to do is commit to showing up, and Reg will have me sweating within minutes! Thank you Reg and Carly!




Everyone is Talking!

"Wrench Fitness is a top notch gym, and it’s only a few blocks from home. There is something about Wrench that I find extremely motivating. The more I go, the more often I want to go! Perhaps it’s because Reg and the staff are so helpful, friendly, and encourage by example. Or maybe it is the fact that the gym is well equipped and well maintained. Whatever the case, it has kept me coming back and played an integral part in helping me achieve my physical goals. Down 30lbs and counting!"
-Corwin Head
Member Since June 2010