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Kim B.

results-kimb-1In April 1st of 2012 I started my “wellness journey”, my motivation was my little sister announcing her engagement, and I knew at that point I would be in a bridesmaid dress by the end of 2012, so of course I wanted to ROCK IT!

I had started out the month of April with a different facility but wasn’t getting the results I was hoping for…so I contacted Reg!!! I had been hearing about all of the results his other clients had been seeing and knew that’s exactly what I wanted!  After talking with him, I realized he was the type of trainer I needed to accomplish my goal, not to mention the price wasn’t even comparable between what I was paying for sessions in the city.  He made it happen and I started at the beginning of May,  I must admit I was pretty intimidated at the thought of training with him, but I quickly realized that I was wrong.  Walking into Wrench you instantly feel at home, everyone welcomes you by name and instantly puts you at ease!!!  Reg is a great motivator, he passes no judgement, he is there to help even when I’m not there,  I know I can email him anytime and he will help me with the questions about my meal plan or my program.

My original motivation for my “wellness journey” has passed, but I continue to have personal goals that I want to accomplish, and I know I can do them with the help of Wrench Fitness!

This without a doubt has been my biggest challenge of my life, being healthy, and being fit isn’t just a onetime quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change, it’s a lot of hard work and dedication but with the help of a great trainer it’s that much easier!!!!  Nothing  beats the feeling of dropping inches, gaining muscle and reaching your GOALS!!!…..it’s DEFINITELY all worth it!!!

Thanks Reg!!!!

-Kim B.



Everyone is Talking!

"It’s a very positive atmosphere to train in. The staff is great and the members are fun to interact with. It’s never hard to use the equipment that you want to use here as there is lots to choose from and lots of space. Having a gym in town makes it easier to commit to your goals and achieve what you want."
-Mitch Neufeld
Member Since December 2009