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Leanne Kolbe - CNM, ISSA CFT



I have always been an active person, however wasn’t in the physical condition that I wanted to be in as I inched up on my 40th birthday, which motivated me to get a membership at Wrench Fitness.  That was two years ago and my passion for training, lifting weights and eating clean has only grown stronger.

I was motivated the first time I went to the gym by the contest pictures displayed on the wall.  I told myself that one day I would step up on the stage too.  I started contest prepping in February of 2014 and at the same time decided to pursue certification as a Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Science Association.  I completed my certification a couple weeks prior to my first contest, the Saskatchewan Amateur Body Building Association (SABBA) Novice Show.  I placed first in my category of Master’s Bikini, qualifying me to go to the IFBB Gym Star Provincial Championships where I placed first again in Master’s Bikini.  I look forward to competing in Nationals in 2015.

In addition to being a Certified Fitness Trainer I am also a Certified Nutrition Manager and a member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management as well as the Past President of the Saskatchewan Society of Nutrition Management.  I received my diploma in Nutrition Management from SIAST in 1994.

I enjoy meeting new people and helping them to discover their inner athlete, especially when they never saw themselves as being an athlete before coming to the gym.  I understand physical challenges as I have struggled with Osteoarthritis for many years in my shoulder, and have learned how to safely train around it, which I can help my clients do as well with their physical limitations.

I train my clients with the same dedication and commitment that I train myself and don’t judge the condition that you start in because I am proud of you for making the first step toward a stronger and healthier you!



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Everyone is Talking!

"I have been a member of Wrench Fitness since Sept 2010. The reason I chose this gym instead of a bigger center in Saskatoon was because of it’s location and the great equipment Wrench has to offer. The staff here are great, really friendly, and always willing to help. Wrench has everything I need and more to reach my fitness goals."
-Jenny Lovely
Member Since Sept 2010