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First of all, and most importantly, WELCOME BACK!!

We open on June 8th and we couldn’t be more excited to have you all back in the gym, but of course, things will be a little bit different.

More than anything, we ask that you respect the new rules, the new normal, and the job our staff is doing to make sure everything stay clean so that we can stay open.

We are asking for your help to continue to be as awesome as you always have been by cleaning up before and after you workout and being mindful of others in regards to physical distancing.

– Our new temporary hours will be 6am-11pm Monday through Friday, 8am-8pm on the weekends and 10am-4pm on stat holidays.

We know this means that you may have to adjust your workout times for a little bit and we hope that the restrictions on the hours we can be open won’t last for too long.

– Before you enter the gym, be sure you have answered the screening questions in regard to COVID-19.

If you answer yes to any of the questions posted on the door, PLEASE do NOT enter the gym, stay home and wait until you can enter safely.

– Upon entering, the first thing we ask is that you sanitize your hands before entering through the turnstile.

– You’ll notice many sanitation stations all over the gym. Please clean equipment handles / dumbbells etc before AND after you use them. Use the trash cans provided to dispose of the paper towels.

– Try to come to the gym dressed and ready to go.

Keep your workouts focused and time friendly.

We are NOT allowed to be open 24 hours right now and we DON’T want to have to limit the amount of people in the gym.

Keep other members in mind and when your workout is done, clean up and then leave the gym in a timely fashion to make sure we can ensure physical distancing guidelines.

– You’ll see many reminders around the gym about physical distancing, please keep this in mind throughout your workout.

– The water fountain will be out of order but the bottle filler will still be allowed to be used.
We will also be selling bottles of water.

– At this time, showers, towel service and protein shakes will not be available.

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