Réjean Lepage


I’ve been actively involved in fitness since 2001. Ever since my first workout, which was a leg day; believe it or not I was hooked. I loved the feeling of pushing my body past conventional limits, and seeing what I could accomplish.

The more I trained, the more I enjoyed it. The more I enjoyed it, the more people started asking for my advice. This led me to an interest in personal training, which led me to enrolling and completing my personal fitness trainer course with the International Sports Sciences Association. I became certified in 2006 and at the same time I was training and competed in my first bodybuilding competition in September of 2006. I competed again in 2007 and my interest in health and fitness continued to grow. In the summer of 2008 I enrolled in a small business and entrepreneurship course at SIAST with the dream of opening my own gym.
I opened Wrench Fitness in the fall of 2009. My motto is Build The Body You Want. I believe that fitness is for everyone, and that anyone can enjoy fitness and getting in shape if it is approached properly.

My turning point contest and physique wise came after my spring 2011 show. I was disappointed with the results and thought there had to be a better way. So for the next 16 months I trained MYSELF, workouts, nutrition, and contest prep. The results spoke for themselves. I placed 2nd in my first contest in 2012 and then won my PRO CARD as a fitness model at the WBFF Edmonton Championships. Shortly after that, the chance to become a part of Team MAGNUM was presented and I was very excited to become part of such a great organization.

With that in mind I started Wrench Fit training, at Wrench Fitness. Each workout program, training session, meal plan, and fitness tips and advice are tailored to each specific client. No cookie cutter, generic plans for anyone!

I train anyone and everyone with the same attitude and conviction I put into my own training. I know that will determination, sacrifice and commitment to your goal anything can be achieved!

Contact us today if you are ready to Build The Body You Want!

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